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Series 1 – Fundamentals of Fossils

Series 2 – Women in Paleontology

Series 3 – FOSSIL Roadshow: Fossil Identification

Videos of Interest to the Paleontological Community

Tutorial 1, Log-in & Profile Navigation


Tutorial 2, Creating an Entry in the Fossil Gallery


Tutorial 3, The Basics of Cleaning Fossils


Tutorial 4, Digitizing Your Collection


Tutorial 5, Cutting and Polishing Fossils (a.k.a. Jack’s Movie!)


Tutorial 6, How to Comment on Proposed BLM-Related Regulations Under PRPA


FOSSIL Webinar Series 1 – Fundamentals of Fossils

Fossil Collecting: Where, When, & How

Speaker: Jayson Kowinsky, creator of

Note: We had some technical issues with our first webinar and so the recording starts about 10 minutes into Jayson’s talk.


Field Notes 101

Speaker: Bruce MacFadden of University of Florida/Florida Museum of Natural History


Excavating Fossils

Speaker: Dava Butler of Waco Mammoth National Monument & Montana State Univ


Fossil Preparation Basics

Speaker: Rachel Narducci of the Florida Museum of Natural History


FOSSIL Webinar Series 2 – Women in Paleontology

Women in Paleontology: Tara’s Take

Speaker: Tara Lepore, researcher and educator at the Webb Schools/Alf Museum of Paleontology

My Life as a Curator with Brenda Hunda

Speaker: Brenda Hunda, curator of invertebrate paleontology at the Cincinnati Museum Center

Fossil Volunteering with Cindy Lockner

Speaker: Cindy Lockner, award-winning amateur paleontologist (Florida Fossil Hunters & Florida Paleontological Society)

From Microfossils to Museums with Lisa White

Speaker: Lisa White, director of education and outreach at the University of California Museum of Paleontology



Roadshow Trial Run with Bruce and Brenda

Speakers: Brenda Hunda (Cincinnati Museum Center) & Bruce MacFadden (Florida Museum)


September Roadshow: Identification of Trilobites

Speakers: Brenda Hunda (Cincinnati Museum Center), Cincinnati Dry Dredgers, & Matthew Croxton


October Roadshow: Pennsylvanian Fossils of North Texas

Speakers: Dr. Merlynd Nestell (UT Arlington) and the Dallas Paleontological Society


November Webinar: A FOSSIL Feast

Speakers: Bruce MacFadden and MacKenzie Smith of the Florida Museum
Topic: The fossil history of holiday foods.


December Webinar: Fossils of the Carolinas

Speakers: The Special Friends of the Aurora Fossil Museum and Dr. Robert Boessenecker (College of Charleston)


Videos of Interest to the Paleontological Community

GSA Townhall on PRPA


Origin and Evolution of Animals, by Dr. Shuhai Xiao of Virginia Tech

(click on the image to start the video)


FOSSILS4Teachers Fossil Prep Time Lapse