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    Bruce MacFadden

    Anyone want to guess which is the real fossil peccary astragalus and which is the replica (thanks to our FLMNH preparator, Jason Bourque)?

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    Eleanor Gardner

    This is a fun little test! Which one in Bruce’s picture do you think is the real fossil?

    Let’s see who gets it right! ūüėČ

    @lcone, @joyce-drakeford, @cferrara, @mary-harbison, @julie-niederkorn, @tmorgan, @lmccall, @lynn-moore, @denise-porcello, @jkallmeyer, @acurrier, @daniel-peters, @cindy-lockner, @gail-fazzina, @jan-pullum, @michael-reagin, @jon-cartier, @dmitchell, @rnarducci

    Rachel Narducci

    It would be unfair of me to answer because I’ve spent too much time staring at the real one! haha

    Joyce Drakeford


    Chuck Ferrara

    I will say the one on the left real

    the one on the right is the replica

    Good job kudos to Jason …..

    Lynn Moore

    I see more detail on the left. What an excellent model whichever it is.

    Linda McCall

    I’ll guess the one n the right is the real one….

    GREAT reproduction!

    Lisa Lundgren

    Whoa, they both look so similar. I didn’t look for very long, but they look exactly the same to me! What are some elements you notice that make you think the left one is real (@cferrara, @lynn-moore, @joyce-drakeford) and what are things that make you think the right one is real (@lmccall)?

    Joyce Drakeford

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>¬†I chose the left primarily because Belgrade mineralized fossils tend to have some bluish coloration. And details like the hole and grainy appearance.</p>

    Denise Porcello

    I’d need to do the burn test!

    Dawn Mitchell

    I’m going to say the right one is the real one.

    Jack Kallmeyer

    I’ll guess the right one based on the deeper pits with tan sediment fillings. ¬†Bur, hey, I’m an invertebrate guy, what do I know?


    Linda McCall

    The coloration on the one on the left looks more realistic, but the one on the right has more small indentations/pits (filled with yellow).  Many of these do not show up on the specimen on the left.  Either the cast job had bubbles (and is therefore the one on the right), or the pits are original and were smoothed out in the cast (on the left).

    Daniel Peters

    I’m going to say the one on the right is real. As Linda mentioned it looks to me like there are some finely pitted areas that still have sediment stains in them. Great reproduction whichever one it is!

    Joyce Drakeford

    So….. What’s the answer? ūüôā

    Donald Muller

    Most objects I find in Belgrade seem to be worn and smooth so I am leaning left.

    Julie Niederkorn

    I’m going with the one on the right for the real one. ¬†The replica is amazing, which ever one it is.

    Lee Cone

    I am going to say the one on the right is real, and the left is the imposter, but having stepped out on the limb, I will say great job to the preparer! ¬†Having toyed with restoration of shark teeth, texture is absolutely the first challenge, especially the natural randomization of bone material. ¬†If it’s not the one on the right, then my only response is “they were mixed up at birth”!! ¬†Great job.

    Tynessa Morgan

    I was going to say the one on the left is real. I would love to see a demonstration of the painting technique. Would I be able to get a similar finish on plaster of paris if I spray it down with a clear coat first?

    Bruce MacFadden

    Drumroll, please….

    The right side is the real deal!

    Thanks to @rnarducci for making the cast on the left and to Jason Bourque for painting the cast so skillfully!

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